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The Do’s and Dont’s after a Tooth Extraction

02 / 07 / 2020

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is when we remove the tooth or the tooth roots on a small surgery completely free of pain, with minimum trauma on the surrounding tissues, so that the wound heals without any post-operative complications. As a typical practice, the vast majority of dental surgeons have standard post-medical procedure guidelines printed to give to the patients. These guidelines have to be followed by the patients to reduce the risk of infection and the chances of dry socket.

Here is a portion of the dos and don’ts after tooth extraction.


Tooth Extraction
Rest: Try to get some rest after Tooth Extraction. You may feel good, however, do not practice or do any excess of movement for at least 24 hours. While resting, keep your head in an upright position on the pillow.

Allow it coagulate: Let the coagulation be shaped on the tooth extraction site, which covers it and permits it to heal. After the procedure, your dental specialist will give you a bit of gaze to put close to the extraction site. Attempt to bite down and try to keep it in place for at least an hour after the removal, change the gaze every half an hour if you have too much bleeding. This will put pressure over the injury and help it to stop the bleeding. If after a couple of hours the bleeding does not stop, get a wet tea bag and put it on the site. The tannic acid present in dark tea will help to stop the bleeding.

Ice Packs: In some cases, swelling may occur, if you have swelling, apply an ice pack all over, where the medical procedure was performed and it will help to reduce the swelling. The swelling after extraction may not happen quickly, but it can keep on expanding during the following days after the surgery, reaching the most advance stage of swelling at the second or third day. The usage of the ice pack is best on the day of extraction, if you will use the ice after 24 hours it may not be as effective as using on the day of the surgery. The Ice packs should be applied every15 minutes on and off for 1 to 2 hours.


Tooth Extraction 1
Do not smoke: For the first 48 hours after tooth extraction, do not smoke. The chemicals in the smoke can influence the coagulation and increase the chances of developing dry socket 3 to 4 days after tooth extraction.

Do not eat solid food: While you still did not recover from the numbness feeling on your mouth it’s best not to eat solid food. At the point when you start feeling your jaws, and that numbness feeling went away you can begin eating solid foods. After tooth extraction, eat more liquid food like soup, mash potatoes, yoghurts, milkshakes, smoothies and Icecream.

Warm saline solution: The primary point of washing is to clean the zone of extraction as you can not brush the socket. We mix salt to make the solution isotonic and similar to regular tissue liquid and in this way it is less irritating than water. Washing is typically after12 hours after the extraction. In this way, warm saline washes and help in the cleaning of that region.

Accept your medications as given by your dental specialist: Don’t skip the medication. On the situation that antibiotics are prescribed they should be taken accordingly. If painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills are prescribed they should be taken after the tooth extraction. It helps in decreasing the pain and swelling. On the off chance that the pain proceeds significantly after two days of tooth extraction and bleedings starts then you should call your dentist.

Keep away from Aspirin: Don’t ever take aspirin medicine (Can take ibuprofen). As aspirin being blood thinner will delay your recovering. Accept the medication as given by your dental specialist before taking any medication. If you are taking regular medication please ask advice to your doctor as mixing medication can impact your health.

Avoid Sucking of any sort: SMOKING, SIPPING, EATING HARD VEGETABLES are to be maintained a strategic distance from after tooth extraction. Have a go at taking delicate and liquid food alternatives, for example, soups, mash potatoes, yoghurts, milkshakes, smoothies after tooth extraction. Maintain your distance from hot beverages, spicy foods, fizzy drinks, and so on.

Try not to poke on the hole that was created: Try not to poke with a toothpick, finger or tongue as it can delay the healing process and also can provoke bleeding that will lead to dry socket.

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