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Periodontal Disease & Prevention

Did you know that 47.2% of adults aged 30 Years and older in the UK have some gum disease and the percentage of gum disease increases to 70.1% of adults with 65 years and older?

Periodontal Disease & Prevention
  • Plaque Build-up causes Gingivitis

  • Gingivitis - Gums become red, swollen and bleed easily. Early stages of Gum Disease can be reversed with improved oral Hygiene.

  • Periodontal Pockets - Gums become infected and pull away from the teeth forming spaces called "pockets".

  • Periodontitis - Periodontitis is a Irreversible gum infection that can lead to tooth loss and other serious health complications. Periodontitis (per-e-o-don-TIE-tis), also called gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and, without treatment, can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Eventually teeth will become lose and may need to be removed.

Five Steps to Prevention

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

1- Brush your teeth twice a day

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

2- Floss Your Teeth once a day

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

3- Visit your Dentist twice a year

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

4- Avoid Smoking

Periodontal Disease & Prevention

5- Eat a Balanced Diet containing vitamin C, A & E

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

The average cost of treatment in UK can be between £120 - £4000. The cost of the treatment normally quoted on an individual basis, as it will depend upon the number of teeth involved, and the severity of the disease.

If you have any of the symptoms please go and see your dentist, longer you delay more severe it can get your situation.

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