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Invisalign Full VS Lite?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We know there are different types of Invisalign and we would like to explain the difference between them.

Invisalign Full

The Invisalign Full it is the version of Invisalign that there are no limits with the aligners, meaning that if you need a lot of movement to straighten your teeth, the Invisalign Full will allow you to get all the aligners for the full treatment without being charged extra during the treatment. In 98% of cases, we suggest our patients get the Invisalign Full, for them to have unlimited Aligners to provide the smile that the patient was looking for.

Invisalign Lite

The Invisalign Lite is a version that has limitations in the number of aligners and in the amount of movement that your teeth need to have to be straight again. The Invisalign Lite it is perfect for patients that had braces in the past and their teeth did not move a lot since then. In this case, you would be advised to have the Invisalign Lite.

If you are looking for doing bigger changes than just move slightly your teeth, you will need Invisalign Full, this will be the best solution to achieve the aesthetic look that you want without any limitations.

Free Assessment

If you are looking for professional advice, GM Dental can help you to choose the best Invisalign option for you. GM Dental and Implant Center is currently offering a free assessment where you can have a full check-up and the dentist will provide you with all the options available. This is a Free assessment, without any commitment.

GM Dental and Implant Centre is located between Rochester and Strood and we have one of the best Invisalign Dentist in Kent.

If you would like to book your Free Assessment please call us on ☎01634718882 or submit a contact form and we will call you as soon as possible.

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