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Fluoride Toothpaste

Updated: Mar 19

Fluoride is a chemical that helps strengthen your teeth. It has a lot of benefits for helping you preventing tooth decay and helping your teeth fight acid and sugar attacks.

You can find fluoride in your toothpaste, named as Sodium Fluoride, as Stannous Fluoride or Sodium Monofluorophosphate.

It's in the toothpaste because it can help to strengthen your teeth, essentially fluoride as a chemical integrate into the enamel structure of your teeth and helps your actual enamel become stronger.

Some people like to avoid fluoride because there are some issues about health around it, but as a dentist, we recommend that as it is good for your teeth.

There are different levels of fluoride recommended for adults and for children. You can find more information about this on the NHS website.

Generally speaking, a pea-size amount of adult toothpaste is fine for adults. There is dedicated toothpaste for children to use, we do recommend those for your children.

There is some toothpaste more environmentally friendly option to use as your normal toothpaste, which is toothpaste tablets. Essentially these are little tablets, you bite down on them, crush them between your teeth, the tablets mix with your saliva forming a paste and then you can brush your teeth with them as you would do normally.

Brushing the teeth

It is important the way you brush your teeth to not send any residues underneath your gums, also brush gently. Check the video that will show you how to brush gently your teeth.

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