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Dental Inlay VS Onlay VS Crown

What are the differences between Dental Inlay, Onlay and Crown?

A Crown is when a tooth is drilled down to what looks like a tree stump and a porcelain cap Is made to fit the whole tooth. This is a good solution when a tooth has a big old restoration, like an old filling, where most of the tooth has to be trimmed down and therefore has to be completely covered.

However, there are two more conservative ways of filling a tooth, an Inlay and an Onlay. The only difference between the two is the Onlay will cover more of the tooth than the Inlay, so if your dentist will drill out an old silver filling and it's very conservative, you can get an Inlay which the lab will make to replace your missing filling. An Onlay just means a large inlay that needs to flow over the chewing surface of the tooth to prevent breakage of your natural tooth.

An Inlay and Onlay are both more conservative than a crown, but provide different solutions to fixing a filling. Find out which one might be best for you.

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