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Dental Implant Cost

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

What is a Dental Implant?

The implant is a screw that goes into your bone after it heals you get a crown that screws into the implant. Dental implant at the moment it is the best option available to replace a missing tooth.

There are 4 options to replace a missing tooth:

Partial Denture

Partial denture - this option can give you a nice cosmetic looking but doesn't keep the bone level as it should be and with time the partial denture will get uncomfortable to use because of the reduction of the bone on the area without teeth. Also, you have to remove it every time before going to bed.

Dental Bridge

Bridge - to make a bridge you need to crown two healthy teeth to hold the bridge if any of those healthy teeth has a problem it can increase the risk of losing the full-bridge and those three crowns. If the two adjacent teeth are healthy, we will be putting crowns on healthy teeth, that otherwise, it wouldn't need to be disturbed with drilling and with crowning. With a bridge, you can still lose bone over time.

Dental Implant

Dental Implant - Is the best option for replacing teeth, it is a stand-alone crown, it does not place any strain on other teeth, it doesn't disturb any surrounding teeth and it keeps the bone level.

Pro Tip:

The implant is made from 3 parts

  1. Implant

  2. Abutment

  3. Crown

The implant is just the screw and it is not the crown.

How much it cost a Dental Implant?

The full implant prices normally vary accordingly the patient needs. Let's start by referring that the implant is made by 3 parts.

To make an implant the first part is the Implant itself, that looks like a screw, this screw replaces the root of the tooth, that is the part done at the clinic, in order to place an implant we need to make sure that you have enough bone, which is the foundation for the implant. If a patient comes to our dental practice and the patient only needs the implant the cost will be different than if the patient needs bone grafting prior to the implant placement.

The implant typically takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to heal, so up to three months before it's ready for Restauration and that is typically another step where an abutment is made, that screws into the implant and finally a crown that goes on top of the abutment.

Even though when we talk about implants the actual implant is the part that goes into the bone and you still need a crown that goes on top with the abutment, so the costs are associated with the implant, the abutment and then finally the crown.

So, how much does an implant cost?

The average cost for a single implant plus the abutment and crown is around £1950 if the patient has a bone loss on the area of the implant, that would add additional cost, depending on how much bone there is and how much it has to be built up. The cost of Bone grafting starts from £424, most people have enough bone to support the implant but sometimes some patients need bone and have to be added to be possible to make a dental implant.

How do you know if you eligible for Dental Implants?

At GM Dental we can offer you a free assessment, where we can check if you are eligible or not have a dental implant, on this assessment you will need to bring your Health History for us to review and we will make an X-ray to check your jaw bone conditions. After checking Your Health History and the X-ray we will be able to tell you if you are eligible for implants, we also will provide you with all options available including the costs.

If you find out that you are not eligible for a dental implant, do not worry, the dentist will provide you with the other options available to you.

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