Bone Graft Procedure

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The main purpose of the Bone that we have on the jaw is to hold on your teeth, in situations like Decay, gum disease or trauma, if you have to lose a tooth and you know that you have to replace that tooth with a dental implant, it is very important to have a bone graft done at the time of the extraction.

Bone Grafting

The bone is like a muscle if you do not stimulate it, if you do not practice it, it will start shrinking, the bone will go to what we call atrophy, so it is very important at the time of the extraction to be able to place a bone graft into the socket to maintain the volume of the patient's bone, so at the time of the surgery, at the time of the implant placement, we will have all the bone that we need to place an implant into a perfect position, into a healthy position, into anatomy that is safe.