Scale & Polish

At GM Dental we advise all our patients to have Regular Hygiene visits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It is recommended to have the basic "Scale & Polish" every 6 months. It is the best way to reach a continuous healthy smile by having regular visits for Scale & Polish sessions.

You will be in good hands with our experienced team that will perform a professional cleaning for you.

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Keep Track Of your Oral Health

Identifying potential issues beforehand, can avoid a lot of complications.

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Save Money

With our Dental Plans, you get 2 Hygienist visits per year.

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Healthy Teeth

Regular maintenance will help to keep your teeth healthy.


Using AirFlow technology will help you to remove the unwanted stains on your teeth. AirFlow is a technology that combines water, air and powder that removes surface stains, biofilm and early calculus in a very efficient and gentle way. In most of the cases, you will notice the results straight away, leaving your teeth bright and clean. The traditional treatment can be abrasive and scratch the enamel, with Airflow your teeth will be receiving the care they need.

Some patients believe that whitening your teeth is the only way to fight the stains, but it is not true! The best way to fight the stains and improve the teeth colour is simply by having a routine cleaning with your dental hygienist to remove those stains. It is a healthier way to keep your teeth clean and healthy.