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Drinking Water Is Good For Your Teeth and Gums

22 / 03 / 2021

Did you know that drinking water makes all the difference for your oral health?

This habit can protect your mouth, helping you to keep a bright smile that makes everyone feel prettier and helps increases your self-esteem.

Our body is made of more than 50% water, varying according to our age, so it is essential to drink at least one litter and a half of water daily. After all we do eliminate a lot of water during the day through urine, sweat and other body activities, so it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated.
Water is important for our health and for the good functioning of the body, including the mouth. Did you know? Drinking water is essential for your health and also to keep your smile perfect!
Our saliva is made of 95% of water and the reason water is so essential for oral health. Also, did you know that saliva cleans the teeth and maintains the mouth pH?
When our saliva production is lower than average, it might increase the chances of some oral diseases, such as cavities, periodontitis, and oral thrush.

If you do not drink enough water what issues can appear?

If you do not drink the ideal amount of water, you may have a dry mouth, troubles chewing swallowing and speaking, loss of taste, and oral diseases, like cavities and gingivitis.
Saliva also has an enzyme that aids in the digestion of certain foods, like the starchy ones, and a dry mouth hinders it. Not drinking water also may help increasing the chances of having tooth decay.
Drinking water is essential for keeping your mouth ready to fight the “things” in it, water helps with saliva production, which plays a a role in neutralizing the acids that attack the tooth enamel and leave them more sensitive and decayed.
A Study published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene also states that drinking water in the morning helps reducing bad breath, and accordingly to this research, you can either drink water or just do a mouth wash to ensure that 60% of he harmful substances are eliminated.

Would you like some tips to help you increase your consumption of water?

Here are some suggestions to help you drinking more water during your day:

  • As soon you wake up, drink at least a glass of water to clean your body
  • During the day take small sips of water whenever you can
  • Keep a bottle of water with you and take it whenever you go

This way, you will always have water around, and it will be easier to get into the habit of drinking it. On average, Adults should drink minimum a 1.5L of water everyday, this will ensure the adequate functioning of your body. If water is not your favourite beverage, try to add some mint leaves, or lemon, or orange or even cucumber slices to make it more attractive.

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