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Why choose dental implants?


Dental Implant is the only best and effective treatment for replacing a missing teeth. Crowns, bridges and dentures address the short-term cosmetic problem of missing teeth but do nothing to stop bone loss. Crown and bridge requires grinding down healthy teeth leaving them at much greater risk for cavities and tooth failure. Dentures become uncomfortable and unstable over time as the jaw-bone shrinks causing eating and speech problems. Dental implants, like natural teeth, stimulate the jaw and stop bone loss. Bridges rely on the teeth at either side of the area in question to attach a new tooth to, and crowns are fixed to an existing tooth, whereas an implant can be fixed in isolation from the rest of your teeth.

Dental Implants, your smile is your personality.

There is nothing like a perfect smile with a complete set of teeth. At GM Dental and Implant Centre, we specialise in Dental Implants.


Dental implants are an artificial replacement for a tooth’s root. They fit directly into your jawbone and hold crowns or false teeth in place, in the same way that roots support natural teeth, If you look after your teeth and implants properly, they can last for the rest of your life.

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