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7 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

14 / 07 / 2023

If your smile has lost its sparkle and shine, you might not want to show it off to the world. Many people with stained and discoloured teeth guard themselves, keeping their teeth hidden and holding back in social situations. 

Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten your smile, remove stains, and return your teeth to their natural shade of white. Treatments use powerful whitening gels that penetrate the outer later of your teeth to remove stains. 

A quick Google search will probably show you that you can buy DIY whitening kits or have a professional treatment. It’s easy to jump for the cheapest option, but before you do, it’s important to understand why professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective. 

Here are seven key reasons to choose a professional teeth whitening treatment at GM Dental. 

1. Professional Teeth Whitening Improves the Appearance of Your Smile

Stains and discolouration can occur from consuming certain foods and beverages. Red wine, cola, coffee, chocolate, berries, and spicy food may all taste great, but over time, they can leave their mark on your teeth. Brushing alone cannot remove these stains. 

A professional teeth whitening treatment cuts through these unwanted stains and gives your smile a healthy glow. 

2. Whitening Your Teeth Professionally Gives You a Confidence Boost

The results of a whitening treatment are instantly noticeable. Once you’ve completed your at-home professional treatment, your smile will look refreshed, and it can help you feel good about your appearance. 

3. Professional Whitening Is Safer Than Any DIY Treatment

There are plenty of shops both online and on the high street that sell teeth whitening kits. There are a few differences between that type of kit and our treatments. Firstly, DIY whitening kits do not include a bespoke whitening tray. 

Our treatments involve placing whitening gel into a tray that fits around your teeth. The tray you’ll wear is custom-made to fit around your teeth. This means the gel will remain on your teeth and not leak out. With DIY kits, there’s a risk that the gel could leak and harm your lips, gums, and the wall of your mouth. 

Additionally, before whitening your teeth, we’ll check you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment. Applying DIY whitening treatments to teeth with cavities or weak enamel could cause harm. 

4. Professional Whitening Is Pain-Free

Because we use custom-fitted whitening trays, you won’t experience pain or discomfort. The treatment we use is formulated to reduce sensitivity. 

DIY treatments could cause sensitivity, discomfort, and pain. If they are not used correctly, or the product leaks, a DIY whitening kit could leave you with blisters in your mouth. 

5. Teeth Whitening From a Dentist Provides Better Results

The whitening treatments we use are stronger than DIY kits. This means that they can achieve a better outcome. Shop-bought kits contain a fraction of the active ingredients required to remove firmly embedded-in stains. 

6. Treatments From Dentists Are Legal and Regulated

Dentists require rigorous training, and the Care Quality Commission scrutinises and regulates our work. Ongoing development is also important for dentists, and we continue to attend training courses to improve our care. Professional teeth whitening treatments can only be administered by a dentist by law. 

If you see whitening treatments offered at a beauty salon, they are not trained or legally permitted to offer this treatment. As such, there are considerable risks, and the salon won’t have insurance that covers anything that goes wrong. 

Strict guidelines mean that only dentists can administer treatments over a certain strength. 

7. Professional Whitening Looks Completely Natural

Some whitening treatments can leave you with a dazzling smile that looks out of place. Even though your teeth won’t have stains anymore, the unnatural shade of white could leave you feeling self-conscious. 

We’ll ensure your treatment delivers the best results. Our professional teeth whitening creates natural-looking results. 

Teeth Whitening at GM Dental 

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the appearance of your smile while giving you a confidence boost. At GM Dental, we provide exceptional at-home treatments delivered with our professional support. Our teeth whitening is safer and more effective than any DIY kit or beauty salon treatment. 

Get in touch today and arrange your teeth whitening treatment.

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